Our mission is to provide the highest level of physical therapy care available. Our philosophy is simple: one patient per 45-minute session.

Within that framework, we also promise:

All physical therapy treatments are performed by licensed physical therapists or licensed physical therapy assistants.

We will serve the residents in Wilmington and our surrounding communities by providing a variety of physical therapy  and health-and-wellness services including (but not limited to) massage therapy, yoga and pilates.

We will provide the opportunity and facility for clients who have graduated from the care of a physician, to continue their practice and improve their lives.

We will educate patients on the importance of physical therapy in maintaining and preventing a pain-free and injury-free plan of health and fitness. 

We will provide cost-effective group classes that can be attended on a maintenance basis to further enhance your PT experience. Our group classes include Pilates (both mat and reformer) and yoga.